Tourism in Segala, deep in the countryside, between the Aveyron gorges and the Viaur valley

Terre Ségala - Magasin de producteurs, Naucelle

Terre Ségala - Magasin de producteurs, Naucelle

Terre Ségala is a short supply shop, outcome of an association of local producers grouped together around the same idea : displaying fresh and tasty products, with an ethical logic about their making.

In our farm shop, you can find plenty of essential, local and gourmet products all year round:

- Seasonal vegetables and fruits from organic market gardening

- Many dairy products made from cow, ewe and goat milk: various cheeses, yoghurts, crème fraiche, cocktail cheesy bouchées, feta, soft white cheese, soaps, etc.

- Fresh local meat: pork, beef, veal, poultry, fattened duck, eggs, buffalo charcuterie, snails... and more, according to the times of the year

- A wide selection of grocery products: jams for any taste, gâteaux à la broche (cakes roasted on a spit), classic and propolis honeys, chestnut purée, spreads, salted butter caramel, fruit jellies, stewed fruits, jellies, syrups, craft chocolates, prunes, salty/sweety biscuits, fruit juices, all kinds of cans, flours and pasta, pulses, condiments and dressings, coffees, ice creams, sorbets, etc.

- Natural products to take care of yourself and your environnement: goat milk soaps, fresh and local royal jelly, propolis, spirulina seasweed, balms, herbal teas, teas, hydrolates, craft and natural drugstore products (washing powder, cleaning products, scents...), as well as craft sewing and Angora goat Mohair

- Drinks: local wines, ash tree fermented beverage, aperitifs, Pastis des Causses, beers from Aveyron, spirits, flavoured wines...

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Terre Ségala
Z.I de l'Issart
12800 Naucelle

Tel : 05 81 19 52 65
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All year long

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