Tourism in Segala, deep in the countryside, between the Aveyron gorges and the Viaur valley

Le Veau du Ségala

The product “par excellence” of the Ségala!


This tender,succulent pink meat benefits both from a “Red Label”, which guarantees its quality, and an IGP, the European guarantee of geographic origin.

The Ségala is a region with a long and proud history of cattle breeding and rearing. Le Veau d’Aveyron et du Ségala comes from young cattle of around 8 months old, born on the farm and raised in light, airy and spacious conditions. Animal welfare is paramount at every stage. Each calf is rigourously selected at birth. It is reared and milk-fed directly by its mother, while also receiving a complementary diet of cereals.  The use of silage and growth hormones is strictly forbidden. (Source IRVA). Further information (in French) can be found on clicking on the link below.

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