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Fontaine romaine de Vors, Baraqueville

Fontaine romaine de Vors, Baraqueville

An old Lady with 2000 years of History !

Why does it exists ?

2000 years ago, the Romans had an aqueduct built to supply Segodonum (Rodez) with water from Vors catchment area.

It meandered over 30 km to avoid ravines and hills, and went up little by little on an arcade succession : remains of 133 piles were discovered, with the last one at 20 meters high.

Through gravity flow, a series of several small lead or terracotta pipes supplied fountains, wash-houses, thermae and even some inhabitants (with a fee of course!).

In the village of Vors, you can find an inspection hole that was used to check the good condition of the pipeline : there was one hole every 100 meters.

The fountain can only be seen from outside.

Additional fact : 

Inside the fountain, start the firts meters of the aqueduct, under a 1.40m high keystone made up of volcanic ash, brick and lime. This impressive construction - only a few remains can be seen - testify to the importance of the town from the 1st century AD. Its use lasted for around five centuries.

Close by : Baraqueville & its Val de Lenne Lake.

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Fontaine romaine
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