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Eglise Saint Martial, Rieupeyroux

Eglise Saint Martial, Rieupeyroux

Down the center of the ancient sauveté lies the impressive St Martial church which was classified as a historical monument.

This primitive roman church was massively rebuilt during the XII century and then fortified to face the hardships of the 100 years war. 

When you take a look at the top of the church's nave and choir, you can see the defensive hall which rests upon a crown of machicolations, all formed with arches tended between the counterforts. In the middle of these curves, you can find small bludgeons which served as a defense whether it was to control the walls or shoot with bows and crossbows.

This remarkable curve and machicolations system could be found in many fortified castles from the XIII century but it was a very precocious equipment for Rieupeyroux.

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